glazenhuisThe first two weeks of September 2015 I have in the Glass House created an installation titled "Ode to Gaudi". This has resulted in a work that at a closer examination may be perceived by the viewer as a tree.
The tree consists of root system, stem and crown. All these are developed in a different way but together they still constitute a whole. This whole is highly expressive and gives an impression of flowing organic scintillating life full of energy. This tree is so laid in the space that for the public two walkways residues. Namely, one along the top and one along the root system. By this routes the rear space in the Glass House can be achieved. Here the continuation of the exhibition could be seen in the form of a series of projected computer graphics. These graphics clarified where the design language with the vertical blinds has its origin.

At a distance the work looks quite chaotic. The space between the vertical blinds close mainly because the blinds are placed in two layers on top of each another. When The visitor however, choose one of the pedestrian routes he will experience that the work opens and that a certain organization becomes visible. This organization is not rational as in an ornament but arises from an intuitive musical play with forms that recur rhythmically in different sizes. The space between the fins is going to play an important role. A striking feature is that the work in a uniform manner demands the attention of the eye. The eye is not hierarchish guided from major to minor. All parts of successive crown stem and root system are as equally important.

Especially when the sun shines throw the blinds sharp dark shadows on the floor which gives an extra dimension both aesthetically and in terms of meaning to the work.In this work a beauty is, in my opinion, found connected to the organic form, somewhere between order and chaos, light and dark and the fluidity between them.