On this site, my current work can be found under the menu item 'Computer graphics'

Recently I came across wireframes of 3D objects and AutoCAD drawings on the internet.
Now I had seen those before, but what I now realized was that these drawings show the object as an idea. They are displayed in a stage before final realization either as a design or as a 3D object before it is textured and transformed into something realistic.
A wireframe figure of almost every object or living organism can be found (or you can make it yourself). This series is based on these wireframes.

In my opinion this is interesting because it draws attention to the rationally constructed, conceived, and planned. Our culture is deeply imbued with this rationality and an accompanying control mindset.
Wrongly deployed, enormous destructive forces are released that threaten our very existence. Think of the climate and biodiversity crisis.

By combining these wireframe figures with photography and color I can initiate a whole game of meaning, which stimulates the viewer's imagination
on the themes of nature/culture, technocracy, the potentially destructive character of our way of life, spirituality, our relationship with animals, etc.

My previous work can be found under the menu item: 'Archive'. The theme of nature also comes to the fore in various ways.
The current work, however, takes direction, both thematic and visual, in addressing our relationship too nature.

Amsterdam, 23-6-2023