In a new series of works, animals sometimes look like wireframes.

I recently came across wireframes of 3D objects and AutoCAD drawings on the internet.  I had seen them before, but what I now realized was that these drawings show the object as an idea. They represent objects in a phase before final realization. It is precisely what is rationally constructed and conceived that catches the eye. I thought it would be interesting to contrast this fact with the animal and plant world that are not constructed by humans but are created through evolution and growth.
tijgerToday it is becoming increasingly clear that our relationship with nature has been thoroughly disturbed. In our culture there is a tendency to reduce living nature to manipulable objects and then exploit them as efficiently as possible. This is especially the case in intensive livestock breeding and agriculture. expressed. This is one of the ways in which culture and nature interpenetrate

In these computer graphics I initially introduced he farm animals; cow, pig, chicken and sheep and later on a number of wild animals, namely bear, lion, seagull and bat. These are regularly depicted in this work as wire figures or manipulable objects. On the other hand, some also seem to avoid this and call on us to view them differently.

In addition to plants and animals, the work features excavators, urban environments, fighter jets, concrete mixers, construction cranes, etc. All things that are part of a very expansive culture that is spreading all over the globe and also poses a threat to it in the current, non-circular way. While the futurists glorified all these modern things, here the dark sides are emphasized.

In the work I paid a lot of attention to the organization of the various visual elements. I deliberately inserted the empty space. In this way a more philosophical dimension enters the work. It is precisely this empty space that makes everything that appears in it possible. The consciousness of this empty space is in constant danger of disappearing and being replaced by dogmatism and scientism