The Rembrandt park was on Saturday Aug 27 the location for a new image. The idea for this came when I recently, around six o'clock at the beginning of the evening, cycled through the Rembrandtpark.
My eye was struck by a place which transforme720 pix breed03d from an ordinary place, in the eveninglight, to a very special location. You can see something back from this in the picture on the left side..

I looked into the sun. The trunk and branches of the trees stood out like silhouettes. The leaves were drawn in the plane in a certain way, and the whole became a kind of decor with an exceptionally beautiful 'lighting'. Behind these trees there is a waterpool and runs an forest edge. This causes the middle part of the image is outlined against the darkness. In addition, the sky at the upper part outlines everything there against the light.

play with lines.
Idea was now to organize a stimulating play for the imagination with the lines of fins and the trees in a organic/dynamic way  so that the graphical qualities of both would merge.  
To achieve this, we have built an installation in which the slats are above the ground. The construction which was necessary for this is derived from tent-constuctions.Tent-structures are eminently temporary and mobile. With a minimum of resources it is possible to built large structures that have a (relatively) large capacity
The construction here consists of three uprights of two black piles (entirely made with blades) topped by an arc accentuated with gold paint.

Black and gold concerns in this work for a content deepening level.
Between these poles is a line (slat) connected and on this, mainly under but also above, is an organic/dynamic structure attached where you can look through. Behind it are the trunks, branches and leaves.

720 pix breed04Piles of the construction, tree trunks and branches sign off black graphical. The slats sign off (more or less) white graphical. More photos of the installation can be seen here or under the menu item 'Three dimensional work'The virtual reality file will follow later on this site

For the realization of this work I am assisted by Ruslan Eliseev in a pleasant way. I want to thank him warmly for his creative contribution and critical evaluation of the image. Also thanks to the cycling and walking public, which passed by, for all there (positive) reactions.

Aug 31, 2016