01IMG 3813A special moment when, at the beginning of the evening the lamellae which where put ont the gras in the afternoon
caught the light of the sun over the full length .The white lamellae lit up quite beautiful in the dark green grass. The sunset was so experienced in a special way and it became one with an exclamation mark. Moments later the sun disappeared behind one of the buildings and the lamellae "turned off"

This Pop-Up image was the first spatial image that I have made in the public space. The people's reactions were very positive. A lot of people have made pictures and because some residents offered me to come over to shoot at them, I can view it here as well from five stories high. All in all it was a very positive experience. Also learned a lot for the next image. Residents: Thank you for the warm interest and offered help!The photos can be seen under the menu item: Spatial work.