Starting today (Friday, June 17th, 2016) the installation made between the trees at Minervalaan is available in Virtual Reality. The installation for this purpose is recorded by the new Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera which came on the market on june ten. This camera has two so-called fish-eye lenses that can record 180 degrees. Together is thus achieved a spherical image of 360 degrees. This image can be played in a Samsung VR headset after it is downloaded from this site on your phone.

The result is a fascinating VR experience where the viewer stands in the middle of the scene and can look around himself 360 degrees

gear vr02aFor me this is an ideal way to show he installations. This VR experience is permanently and continuously available in contrast to the installation itself which is
highly volatile.

Of course it is necessary to be in possession of a VR headset. I assume that anyone who is heavily involved in image-creating has such glasses in thedistant future.
The possibilities for artists, designers, architects etc. are gigantic. Or VR will break through to a wider audience is the question which will be answered in the future.
You can find the file under the menu-item : three dimensional work or click here.

In the future the files can be also viewed directly in the internet browser that is provided in the VR headset. The download to your phone is no longer needed then.
At this moment the quality of these images is still too bad. When this has improved a post will follow on this site.