kippenhokarchitectuur02There is a lot of construction going on in Zuidoost. In Amstel III. One residential building after another is beeing build.
What they have in common is the cage architecture close to design principles that you would expect from a battery cage for chickens

The imagination of the architects and developers working on this apparently does not extend beyond the endless repetition of a square or (very daring) rectangle. The monotony within the facades of the individual buildings, especially above the plinths, is oppressive and deathly. It is clear that this is only about efficiency that kills other forms and variation.

It is an illusion to think that a beautiful neighborhood will be created in this way, despite all the inflated PR talk about a beautiful neighborhood under construction around the Hondsrug Park that has yet to be constructed.

There is a lot of buzz about this new park. Not for nothing because a park is seen as a pleasant environment to stay. Amstel III is not that with the current architecture and will not be that way with this type of future architecture.

Anyone who wants to build a neighborhood for the future would do well not only to build a park, but to be inspired by the nature in that park when designing it. Logically, in 2022, this park can be combined with organic architecture. An architecture with a great wealth of forms, rhythmically alternating, based on design principles that mirror nature.

That would be a truly hopeful break with an urban planning and architectural practice that has led to a horrible urban area like Amstel III.