01voorartikelOn Saturday, May 28th, I made in cooperation with assistant Ruslan Eliseev in the Amsterdam Forest. an image of vertical blinds which respons to a skulpture of the German sculptor Ulrich Rückriem
The vertical blinds form a clear contrast in terms of design to the image of Rückriem but there is in a certain way also a similarity.


The sculpture of Rückriem is standing verticaly. The vertical blinds are stretched horizontally.
Rückriem's sculpture takes space by its volume while by the vertical blinds the space is enclosed with a minimum of volume.

The image of Rückriem is rectangular and static. The vertical blinds on the other hand form organic and dynamic shapes.
Rückriem's image disclaims any narrative interpretation. The image of the vertical blinds is evocative and put the imagination to work while at the same time make this relative through the emptiness surrounded by the blinds.

The image of Rückriem consists of naturalstone and is there for "eternity". The blinds image consists of bendable plastic and is very temporarily present.
It is volatile because after a few hours it's gone. It lives on in virtual reality* where it artificially can be experienced again.


The image of Rückriem stands in the middle of a place with trees distinct from the grass of the playground. This being among the trees is not accidental but a deliberate choice off the sculptor. Imposing and closed rises the massive stone statue precisely vertically here.
This massive vertical rise is traditionally spoken a way to worship something. Think of obelisks and menhirs as well as columns for this role in temples and churches.
This makes the presumption plausible that the artist wants to pay homage here.

Because both images are together they will influence each other in terms of interpretation. The blinds are drawn into the imposing image of Rückriem and the kind of ode that brings the sculpture of Rückriem is influenced by what the blilnds appeal to. Both images come to lie in line with each other, while at other points they are in contrast.


For the realization of this image, I have worked in a pleasant way with assistant Ruslan Eliseev I want to thank him on this way. On to the next picture!

May 29, 2016

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In time, all the works become available in Virtual Reality. More news about this will appear on this site.