lamellenbeeldurbancampsitegrootIn July 2015 I made a couple of works with vertical blinds on the Urban Camp site Blijburg in Amsterdam. The Urban Camp Site consists of a number of objects designed by artists and designers where people can stay in. In this camp the opportunity was given to get started and build with your own material and thus add artwork to the site which I have used. The work that I have made responds to the installation of "Studio Plots" that exists on the outside of a rational structure of straight lines. Around this I placed my organic intuitive structure of curved lines ending in so-called "pailsley" forms. The impression is that one of shapes that crawl around the plant.

In the second work, I tried to get up a structure into the height with only blinds and sand. Source of inspiration here were the so called staircase pyramides which are the oldest large stone structures. Instead of rectangular stone blocks here circles of different size filled with sand are the basis. Large,medium and small circles represent a 'musical'structure. This circle structure is complemented with triangles of sand in which the sand-grain also forms a contrast with the smooth structure of the vertical blinds. In a musical rhythmic play of forms and contrasts in structure beauty emerges in my opinion.  The whole is at the top sealed with a Paisley form which is used in the nearby work and thus celebrating this form. The structure gets also something of a wonderful figure. The work is to see at the bottom of the page (click on thumbnail)