About my work

On this site you will find my current work which consists of installations and computer graphics. Looking at the different results you will quickly discover that the work circles around different themes
as fluidity, the dynamic of life, impermanence and spirituality.
The preference for organic forms and an intuïtive ordening of them is undoubtedly a reaction to the often rationalist architecture that increasingly surrounds us and more in general the tendency to want to control everything rationally in our society.

Recently, I met a special material; vertical blinds. Seeing my drawings and graphics it is not suprising vertical blinds have my interest. Blinds are very flexible and it is possible to create wonderful organic shapes and structures out of it. This  material has properties that fit with my work so that I can make this spatial installations

After two try-outs at the Urban Campsite in Blijburg and in the 'Glazen Huis' in the Amstelpark I started a series of pop-up images in public space. Blinds are perfect for this kind of work and demand almost for this way of working. Intention is that these temporary installations respond to / enter into / a relationship with the environment.

These images are ephemeral present but are documented in Virtual Reality. There they remain in their own way back to life.

Rob Noy 9-26-2015 (1st Update 6-3-2016