wavy forms reacting on sculpture of Ulrich Rückriem

On Saturday, May 28th, I made in cooperation with assistant Ruslan Eliseev in the Amsterdam Forest. an image of vertical blinds which respons to a skulpture of the German sculptor Ulrich Rückriem
The vertical blinds form a clear contrast in terms of design to the image of Rückriem but there is in a certain way also a similarity.


The sculpture of Rückriem is standing verticaly. The vertical blinds are stretched horizontally.
Rückriem's sculpture takes space by its volume while by the vertical blinds the space is enclosed with a minimum of volume.

The image of Rückriem is rectangular and static. The vertical blinds on the other hand form organic and dynamic shapes.
Rückriem's image disclaims any narrative interpretation. The image of the vertical blinds is evocative and put the imagination to work while at the same time make this relative through the emptiness surrounded by the blinds.

The image of Rückriem consists of naturalstone and is there for "eternity".  The blinds image consists of bendable plastic and is very temporarily present.
It is volatile because after a few hours it's gone. It lives on in virtual reality* where it artificially can be experienced again.


The image of Rückriem stands in the middle of a place with trees
distinct from the grass of the playground. This  being among  the trees is not accidental but a deliberate choice off the sculptor. Imposing and closed rises the massive stone statue precisely vertically here.
This massive vertical rise is traditionally spoken a way to worship something. Think of obelisks and menhirs as well as columns for this role in temples and churches.
This makes the presumption plausible that the artist wants to pay homage here.

Because both images are together they will influence each other in terms of interpretation. The blinds are drawn into the imposing image of Rückriem and the kind of ode that brings the sculpture of Rückriem is influenced by what the blilnds appeal to.  Both images come to lie in line with each other, while at other points they are in contrast.


For the realization of this image, I have worked in a pleasant way with assistant Ruslan Eliseev I want to thank him on this way.

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May 29, 2016

More pictures of the plant in the Amsterdam Forest can be found here

*In time, all the works become available in Virtual Reality. More news about this will appear on this site.


In gold color changing building forms background pop-up tree

For the first time, on Friday Dec 4, I have made a picture of lamellae erecting vertically amidst horizontally lying.
Location: a lawn behind Sloterdijk Station. This area has a metropolitan feel, and it seemed to me a good idea to put right here a picture with organic forms down
The sun reflected this time wonderful in a surrounding building which transformed later in the afternoon into a kind of gold block. A very old motif (tree) and material (gold) in the arts; came together in a special way. The audience ran along the picture on their way to the station and i got positive feedback
A first selection of the photos can be seen under the menu item "three dimensional work"

Image of wavy lines caught early evening along the full length light of the sun

A special moment when, at the beginning of the evening the lamellae which where put ont the gras in the afternoon
 caught the light of the sun over the full length .The white lamellae lit up quite beautiful in the dark green grass. The sunset was so experienced in a special way and it became one with an exclamation mark. Moments later the sun disappeared behind one of the buildings and the lamellae "turned off"

This Pop-Up image was the first spatial image that I have made in the public space. The people's reactions were very positive. A lot of people have made pictures and because some residents offered me to come over to shoot at them, I can view it here as well from five stories high. All in all it was a very positive experience. Also learned a lot  for the next image. Residents: Thank you for the warm interest and offered help!The photos can be seen under the menu item: Spatial work.

1 t / m 13 sept 2015 "Ode to Gaudi" in the Glass House in Amstelpark Amsterdam.

The first two weeks of September 2015 I have in the Glass House created an installation titled "Ode to Gaudi". This has resulted in a work that at a closer examination may be perceived by the viewer as a tree.
The tree consists of root system, stem and crown. All these are developed in a different way but together they still constitute a whole. This whole is highly expressive and gives an impression of flowing organic scintillating life full of energy. This tree is so laid in the space that for the public two walkways residues. Namely, one along the top and one along the root system. By this routes the rear space in the Glass House can be achieved. Here the continuation of the exhibition could be seen in the form of a series of projected computer graphics. These graphics clarified where the design language with the vertical blinds has its origin.

At a distance the work looks quite chaotic. The space between the vertical blinds close mainly because the blinds are placed in two layers on top of each another. When The visitor however, choose one of the pedestrian routes he will experience that the work opens and that a certain organization becomes visible. This organization is not rational as in an ornament but arises from an intuitive musical play with forms that recur rhythmically in different sizes. The space between the fins is going to play an important role. A striking feature is that the work in a uniform manner demands the attention of the eye. The eye is not hierarchish guided from major to minor. All parts of successive crown stem and root system are as equally important.

Especially when the sun shines throw the blinds sharp dark shadows on the floor which gives an extra dimension both aesthetically and in terms of meaning to the work.In this work a beauty is, in my opinion, found connected to the organic form, somewhere between order and chaos, light and dark and the fluidity between them.






Work on Urban Campsite Amsterdam

In July 2015 I made a couple of works with vertical blinds on the Urban Camp site Blijburg in Amsterdam. The Urban Camp Site consists of a number of objects designed by artists and designers where people can stay in. In this camp the opportunity was given to get started and build with your own material and thus add artwork to the site which I have used. The work that I have made responds to the installation of "Studio Plots" that exists on the outside of a rational structure of straight lines. Around this I placed my organic intuitive structure of curved lines ending in so-called "pailsley" forms. The impression is that one of shapes that crawl around the plant.

In the second work, I tried to get up a structure into the height with only blinds and sand. Source of inspiration here were the so called staircase pyramides which are the oldest large stone structures. Instead of rectangular stone blocks here circles of different size filled with sand are the basis. Large,medium and small circles represent a 'musical'structure. This circle structure is complemented with triangles of sand in which the sand-grain also forms a contrast with the smooth structure of the vertical blinds. In a musical rhythmic play of forms and contrasts in structure beauty emerges in my opinion.  The whole is at the top sealed with a Paisley form which is used in the nearby work and thus celebrating this form. The structure gets also something of a wonderful figure.

The work is to see at the bottom of the page (click on thumbnail)